For the past year and six months, my husband William and I have spent a good 10 minutes each day watching Boston terrier videos on Instagram. It usually happens when we’re on the couch right before we go to sleep, with Fitzi, our dog, either being really cuddly or really bad because he’s about to be cuddly.

All of a sudden, William will get quiet and then lean into his phone. His eyes will soften and he’ll smile, though he doesn’t know he is. Then he’ll hand over his phone and show me a Boston terrier puppy sleeping or running around or begging for food or doing something equally simple and, somehow, adorable.

In fact, the Boston terrier video viewing is so common that it, alone, nearly ruined William’s 50th birthday surprise, which featured a trip to Quebec and our friends Sean and Hannah showing up in Lexington the night before to join us. A few weeks before the trip, I was showing him a video on my phone when Hannah texted: “What hotel are you guys staying at in Lexington?”

I gasped, grabbed the phone away and was so dramatic about it that William, for a moment, was convinced there was something wrong with either Sean or Hannah’s health. Then he just realized there was something fishy in the air.

But starting today, the only Boston terrier videos we will watch are ones we make ourselves. Today, in just a few short hours, little Tilly Kaprowy-Baker comes home, our Boston girl.

How excited am I? Combine eating hot fudge sundaes after swimming in the lake and knowing you’ll have a bonfire that night and a star-sequined sky and your tent will be cozy and you’ll fall into the best sleep. That is the feeling I have right now: just one of pure, easy joy mixed with the most delicious anticipation.

Of course, one of the biggest highlights of the day will be when Tilly and Fitz meet for the first time. We know nothing about Tilly’s personality — we’ve only seen one video and two photos since she was born — so I have no idea how it will go. Somehow, I get the feeling Tilly is going to rule the roost, since Fitz, though throat-bitey and jumpy-uppy, has mostly been passive when he’s been around other Bostons.

In preparation, I’ve bought her a few hundred toys and, umm, a few harnesses and maybe a dress or two. In fact, I’ll admit to being a little addicted to buying her things and, in turn, Fitz things so he doesn’t feel left out. The thing about buying stuff for your dogs is you can always rationalize it. First of all, you’re not buying for yourself, so you’re not being selfish. And, second, especially if you’re at T.J. Maxx, it’s all so cheap. I mean, who’s going to say no to a duckie that’s $2.99 when it should be $7.99? It’s practically like you’re making money by all the saving you’re doing.

Not as fun will be the long nights as we get her used to potty-training. However, I do feel like we’ll be more well equipped this second go-around. William and I were laughing last night about how we took turns sleeping on the kitchen floor with Fitz because we didn’t want him to be lonely in his crate. We even pulled out the Therm-a-Rests so the hardwood floor wouldn’t be quite so hard. At age 41, I’m ready to admit that Therm-a-Rests are really kind of terrible. You think they’re going to be like sleeping on air, and they are not at all like sleeping on air. Instead, this go-around, I’ll just take Till to the basement. I’ll sleep in a bed while she sleeps in her crate until she doesn’t. Easy-peezy.

Anyways, obviously, I’m just killing time here until I can pick her up. There is now 3 hours and 12 minutes remaining. Writing is clearly a write-off as I’m too distracted. Lunch will take 20 minutes, 22 if I stretch it. How can I burn off the rest of my time? Oh! I’ve got it! Come here, Instagram, I’ve got some Boston terrier videos to watch.

One thought on “Four hours and counting

  1. Welcome home, Tilly!! Get in there and make your place. Looking forward to meeting you. Love you already! xxxx

    tante Denise xx

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