This week represents the last of my four-part experiment of writing on location. Once again, I am sitting in the car with the laptop on my lap. Once again, I’m not parked directly in front of the place I want to go, lest I be misconstrued as a stalker. For I could stare and stare and stare at the place I want to go to today for hours.

Because: cupcakes.

A few weeks ago, we arrived home from a weekend getaway to a note from our incredible dogsitter, Meg. It had been a stressful way home as our flight was canceled in Chicago due to a freak spring blizzard, and we’d had to rent a car and drive home instead.

But, as always, Meg’s update note was laying on the kitchen counter with its nearly-otherworldly penmanship:

“I hope you had a great trip. There is a little treat for you in the fridge.”

At this point, it was 12:15 a.m. and a lot of writing awaited me in the morning. But I flung open the fridge door to find a pink box containing four of the most beautiful specimens of cupcake I’d ever seen.

Now, admittedly, I am not usually a cake person. In fact, I’ll usually take a good chocolate chip cookie over any type of dessert. But it was midnight, my eyeballs were red-ringed with that itch that only comes from staring at interstate for seven hours, and, boy howdy, I needed a boost.

I picked up a yellow cake with a mini-mountain of white icing swirled on top. It was crowned with a Nilla cookie.

Would it signify what I deeply hoped? We’d see.

I took a big bite. And there it was: banana pudding flavor in all its glory.

But, banana pudding cupcake? Come on, is that even possible?

I’m here to tell you that, yes, yes, it is.

And yes, yes, it is amazing. Not just because the icing is in keeping with its theme, but because the cake part is also deeply, beautifully flavored according to it as well.

Where in the heck had Meg found such deliciousness?

Alas, because she thinks of everything, the pink box had a business card tucked into the top of it.

It was from a place called The Sweet Spot. Which exists exactly four miles away from my home.

And so I experienced one of the greatest local discoveries of my life.

And so began the beginning of a new phase of my life called, “Can Kaprowy Control Herself?”

So far, the answer is a pretty firm no. A few days after I had my first cupcake was my birthday, which I like to celebrate in week-long format. Hence, cupcakes seemed not only warranted, but necessary as part of my celebrations.

It’s then I sampled The Sweet Spot’s peanut butter and jelly cupcake: peanut butter icing topped with a sexy dollop of what seems like deep, dark raspberry jam. After I first bit into that one, I knew I was in as much trouble as the first time I had Saint André triple crème cheese: I would never be able to say no to it.

Adding to the temptation is The Sweet Spot has a Facebook page, which showcases the bakery’s daily flavors. As such, I am being tempted on a 24-hour basis, and the flavors, they don’t quit: strawberry lemonade; cherry cheesecake; chocolate bourbon stout cake; Derby pie; butterbeer; cookies-n-cream. I mean, it just goes on.

Anyway, fast forward another week and that brings you pretty much up to speed as to how I got into my car and into this parking lot.

Because: cupcakes.

They are just so good.

Except cupcakes: not that great for ye olde waistline.

In my debate with myself as to whether or not I should buy yet another cupcake, I’ve already passed the bartering stage. I’ve told myself that if I eat a cupcake, I will then commit to working out for 40 to 45 minutes. I’ve also passed the deprivation stage, which involves me promising myself that I’ll only buy one cupcake and if I buy two, I have to give it to someone outside of my family since I’m the only one who will eat it. Next up will be “Do We Have to Remind You About How Tight Your Jeans Are” phase, although I already know I’m going to circumvent that phase by telling myself it’s summer and I can just wear dresses all the time.

And so, I’m just about ready to open the car door and treat myself to a cupcake. Don’t you wish you were bad like me?

If you’re interested, check out The Sweet Spot Edible Bouquets & Gifts on Facebook.

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