“Are you going to the dance?”
“I don’t know. Are you going to the dance?”
“I will if you will.”
“I will if you will.”
“OK, let’s decide we’ll both go to the dance.”

“Do you think Cory will be there?”
“I don’t know. Do you think Justin will be?”
“I don’t know.”
“If Cory asks me to dance, I think I will die.”
“He was looking at you in class the other day.”
“He was? Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I couldn’t get your attention and then I forgot.”
“How long was he looking?”
“I mean, long enough that he must have been looking on purpose.”
“What was I doing?”
“It was when Mrs. Marr asked you to read aloud.”
“Ugh. I hate the sound of my own voice. Did he look the whole time?”
“I think so. He’s going to ask you to dance for sure.”
“I think Justin is going to ask you.”
“You do?”
“What are you going to wear?”
“Mint leggings, peach t-shirt, mint and peach slouch socks and my grey L.A. Gear. You?”
“Pleated navy and forest green skirt, a navy waffle top and my Esprit Mary Janes. My mom got me a new outfit because I got all As.”
“How are you going to do your hair?”
“Banana clip maybe?”
“Good idea. We’ll get hot dancing. Can I copy?”
“I … sure.”
“Are you sure?”
“I might just put it in a scrunchie.”

“Oh my god, you look so pretty.”
“Thanks for driving me, Mr. Gordon. It smells like Red Door in here.”
“My mom let me put some of hers on.”
“Your mom let you wear eyeliner too?”
“I know!”
“Lucky. It matches the green of your skirt exactly.”
“I know!”
“Justin is going to ask you to dance for sure.”
“Cory is going to ask you!”
“Do you think they’ll be there?”
“I don’t know. But I know all the popular girls will be there. I heard them talking in science.”

“Oh my god, look what Heather has on.”
“She looks like an asparagus.”
“Look at Kristen N.”
“I think everything she owns is Benetton.”
“I know.”
“She is so pretty.”
“I know.”
“Oh my god, there’s Cory, oh my god.”
“I wonder if Justin …”
“Is he looking over here? Oh my god, he is so cute. I like him even more when he wears that hoodie.”
“Look at … wait … it’s Belinda Carlisle. Come on!”


“Too bad Justin didn’t come.”
“Someone told me he had soccer”
“He’s on the travel team.”
“He’s so good at soccer.”
“Well, at least you didn’t not get asked to dance.”
“Maybe Cory didn’t see you.”
“I’m wearing peach and mint.”
“But it was dark in there.”
“Well, he sure saw Kristen N. I think they danced, like, three times.”
“Are Stephen Boyd and Carlee Hutch going out now?”
“I don’t know, why?”
“They danced, like, four times together.”
“I don’t know. Who cares? Stephen is so sweaty all the time.”
“He plays a lot of basketball.”
“At least the D.J. was so good.”
“I love INXS!
“Me too!”
“Don’t be sad about Cory.”
“Don’t be sad about Justin.”
“They’ll be at the next dance for sure.”
“Are you going to go?”

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